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Replacing a shed roof

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Replacing a shed roof

So thanks to all the recent rain in Melbourne, we’ve found out how non-water proof our Garage out the back is. It’s a garage shed that isn’t connected to the house and looked in O.K. condition when we moved in, but the internal walls and roof had been cladded with MDF boards and insulated (looks like they had used it as a games room/man cave). Upon removing all the MDF boards from the roof, exposed all the soaked timber rafter that are rotting away. Lucky the wall supports are steel and in perfect condition. The corrugated roof sheets are also in pretty bad shape which is where all the leaks have come from.


We are fairly comfortable to replace the roof sheets ourselves, but the rafters need to be removed and replaced. We aren’t builders, but hoping to get some advice whether taking on the rafter restoration may be too difficult for us.


It’s a 7.4 x 4.8m shed with around 10-15 degree pitch.

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Re: Replacing a shed roof

I guess it really depends on your skills and experience @Andadams. I know it would be beyond me!

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Re: Replacing a shed roof

Is it the rafters or the battens that the sheets screw in to? If just the battens then it is a simple fix. Replacing rafters is a whole different ballgame. That said, it would be relatively easy to remove an old rafter and use it as a template. There are a variety of different 'hanger brackets' available.

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