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Multifunction Tool

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Multifunction Tool

Can I get opinions on these oscillating multi tools as to whether they are good or bad, and which brands to lookat or avoid. Thanks.






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Re: Multifunction Tool

Hi @geejaybee,


I trust members of the Workshop community will be able to share their experiences and advice with you. Thanks for making your first post and a very warm welcome to Workshop. I hope you find the site to offer plenty of ideas, information and good fun.



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Re: Multifunction Tool

Like all tools, you get what you pay for.
Though in the case of oscillating tools it's more about the quality of the blades. Cheap blades don't last long or do a very good job.
With electrical tools try and buy the best you can afford. The cheapest invariably need to be replaced with the higher price point so don't waste your money being seduced by "bargains".
If you are looking at a tool where accuracy is paramount, such as a slide compound saw, then go for top of the range. These tools will give you repeat accuracy over and over, that cannot be said about the cheaper variety.
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Re: Multifunction Tool

Hi @geejaybee,

I've got one of these multi-tools it's a Ryobi one +, I kind of inherited a starter kit of tools and this was one I've added to my kit. There may be better choices out there but I've been happy with the Ryobi.

Do you have a defined purpose for this tool? I don't use mine a great deal but have found it particularly good for small fiddly jobs and in particular removing old grouting. I'd also agree with the comment to get good blades as it makes a huge difference.
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Re: Multifunction Tool

As i am in the middle of a bathroom update, I thought that for grout removal these tools look like the best option. Apart from that there always seems to be a few fiddly jobs  were normally tools are a bit to awkward. Thanks.

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Re: Multifunction Tool

I have a Fein, and can not falter it, its the original multi master until the patent ran out.
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Re: Multifunction Tool

I have the Ryobi one + and it is a great little unit. If you already have a couple of the Ryobi one + tools then this would be a cheaper option. Again like the above posts, it depends on what you want to do with the tool, and of course, the cheaper the nastier. I have used mine to de-grout our main bathroom, trim electrical conduit, break-out plaster/render and trim small pieces of timber. Get good quality blades as the cheapies blunt very, very quickly.
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Re: Multifunction Tool

The Ryobi One system seems to be very popular amongst workshoppers, & if you're already into the One System, buying the “skin” or “bare” version is the way to go, as you already have the charger & batteries.
For grout removal, any tool will do the job, but if you later want to do detailed restoration work, then there are quality tools out there, & will pay for themselves in no time.
In my case, I started off with a Bosch multitool from their green product line (budget sector), but it soon let me down. I replaced it with a Fein multitool, & like madmickmalone, I'm super impressed with it.
I initially purchased a multitool with purpose of removing the chocolate brown wood stain (70s build), so that I could expose & preserve the beautiful wood on our cedar slatted windows.
Strangely, the Fein was able sand right to the very edge of the right angle joins, where the cheaper knock off had left a 1-2mm strip of stain untouched.
I have no experience of the Ryobi One system, but it would be the smart way to go for your grout removal project. If later on you need to do detailed work, most certainly give the Ryobi a go, but if it falls short of expectations like my Bosch green line multitool did, there are pricier quality units that will be an absolute joy to use.
As others have mentioned, quality blades make a huge difference, so don't scrimp.
In closing, multitools are brilliant, & a vital addition to any tool collection. They're extremely versatile due to the enormous array of attachments, & are able to get into awkward areas where conventional sanders wouldn't be able to reach.

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Re: Multifunction Tool

@geejaybee Definately a handy tool to have in the toolbox. You might not use it all that often but when you do it will be the best tool for the job.


I recently had to remove some skirting boards but could not pry them off due to the height of the carpet. Out came the multitool with a Diablo metal cutting blade and simply cut through all the nails behind the boards and lifted them out. 


The current Ryobi One+ version has a detachable head and you can get more heads to fit that will turn it into various other tools such as a jigsaw or impact wrench. It wasn't marketed to do so in Australia but the clips are just hidden under the rubber grip. You can buy the range of AEG heads from Bunnings that will suit it.


I believe that they are bringing out a new version at some point that will no longer have this feature but I am not sure exactly when. The last time I checked they were still selling the original version.


As others have mentioned buy good quality blades. I really like the Diablo ones and they seem to last pretty well. I have not used their grout removal blade though so I cannot comment on it sadly.







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Re: Multifunction Tool

The amount I spend on tools is totally dependent on the amount of use I expect to give them. If I need something for a single project and maybe use it now and again in the future I will buy something cheap, if it is something I will use day in and day out then I will research and buy within my budget something that will give long life, accuracy and dependability. For instance I don't use a Heat Gun or Reciprocating Saw very often so the well priced XU1 for under $30 at the time were all I needed, I have used both on multiple occasions now and they are still like new.
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