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Making use of garage spaces

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Making use of garage spaces

Hello Community, this is by no means a new idea, but one I wanted to share as we recently built a new Garage. 6m X 6m was our floor size and we imagined we had plenty of space.


🤣🤣 Wrong. 


Once we drove the cars in we had no real room for storage.


So we designed a mezzanine floor that sat over the bonnets of our cars about 7 feet off the ground.


That allowed a huge amount of storage space on top. Then we put in a narrow bench but practical. And a MDF wall at the back for some of the tools.


All of this was done with recycled materials or materials we sourced from our local Bunnings.


Problem solved. In fact it's awesome and very organised.


Still more work to do but alot of fun.


Warm regards to the Community and keep making, making is fun


😁 Rob




Community Manager Jason
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Re: Making use of garage spaces

Great work @gippslandhome, it looks like you added loads of storage space. Many thanks for sharing.


Perhaps you could give some tips to Workshop members who might like to build something similiar? And what materials did you use?




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Re: Making use of garage spaces

Thanks Jason, I certainly will. Forgot to mention that important feature being to excited about my first post 🤣🤣

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Re: Making use of garage spaces

Good idea with the amount of lighting you have used there. Nothing worse then not being able to see what you are doing/looking for.
what did you use there?
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Re: Making use of garage spaces

G'day Sambro.


Thank you for your nice comments. It's a great use of a small space.


The lights are as pictured and are from Bunnings. All they are, are an led light with a switch. Battery powered. It's a great option until I hook power up.


All the best 

Kind regards Rob 👍





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Re: Making use of garage spaces

Those are great little lights, we sell bucket loads of them :smile:
nice use of space,

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