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Long South Australian Winter

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Long South Australian Winter

I apologise for not contributing much the past few months. The cold and wet winter here in Adelaide is debilitating when you suffer from Osteoarthritis. I have pretty much been in hibernation over this period and have achieved very little in my shed/workshop apart from non labor intensive projects using my CNC Router.
I have managed a few small projects which I will post up seperately.
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Re: Long South Australian Winter

Lovely to hear from you @Wayne.


No need to apologise, although you have certainly been missed. Sorry that its been a tough winter for you - hope you are starting to feel much better now that the weather is starting to warm up. Looking forward to seeing more of your posts and projects soon.


Look after yourself,



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Re: Long South Australian Winter

G'day @Wayne, I was about to send a search party out for yah mate, so it's great to hear from you again. That makes me feel better, but the weather's all over the place, & I don't see you getting much relief from the cold any time soon.


I'm another year older, but my knuckles've been playing up this year more than any other, so I've been wearing thick Heat Holders thermal gloves to bed, & my knuckles haven't sounded like snapping twigs when I use them.

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Re: Long South Australian Winter

Hi Wayne and Andy Mann, I too am waiting for the weather to improve. When you think it's picking up it just turns around again. Dried out for a few days last week and was able to do some cuttings and spread some compost over vege patch. Had relations from Qld. staying with us so wasn't able to do much anyway. Today the weather is awful, gale force winds and all wet again (or still) I think half of Victoria is on floodwatch. My broadies are copping a belting by the wind and not many beans because not the weather for bees to be around.

It can only get better,

Cheers bergs

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