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Log Rounds as Wedding Table decorations.

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Log Rounds as Wedding Table decorations.

My niece's friend is getting married and she asked if I could do some log rounds for the reception tables.

Log Rounds.jpg

She supplied the Log Rounds but they were in rough condition being chainsaw cut and not even one complete through cut, some had a 15mm discrepancy with chunky bits that needed to be levelled. Neither my table saw or band saw were adequate to make a smooth cut through the 230mm diameter. I recalled seeing something on You Tube of people making a Router Sled to level out timber slabs so I set about making something similar for this purpose.

Router Sled 1.jpgRouter Sled 2.jpg
Using some 18mm MDF I made "Sled" where my router would slide back and forth and the sled itself slide along rails to route the surface of the log rounds.

Log Rounds 1.jpg

Log Rounds 2.jpg
Here you can see that I am taking off about 6mm off the surface of the log with each pass. There specific "Bottom Clearing" bits for this purpose but I didn't have one so I used a 3/8" Slot Cutting bit instead, this made the task a little tougher by not being able to take off as much material with each pass.

Log Rounds 3.jpg
Here you can see the Router Sled and the Base with Side Rails that the sled could slide along. And the mess after levelling 14 of the log rounds.

Log Rounds 4.jpg

And the finished product, once they were levelled (albeit at varying thicknesses still) I used my CNC machine to engrave/carve the Bride & Groom names along with the date of the occasion and also a Rose.
An unbelievable amount of work involved for what you could possibly charge someone for them, but all the same they turned out great and more importantly a ver happy couple.

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Re: Log Rounds as Wedding Table decorations.

Wow!! They're beautiful! Great job!

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Re: Log Rounds as Wedding Table decorations.

Very clever and creative as usual @Wayne. Many thanks for sharing with the community.


All the best to the happy couple for their big day in May!



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Re: Log Rounds as Wedding Table decorations.

You might have done too good a job @Wayne. Now everyone will be asking you to do them! 

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