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Jewellery Box - New Project Finally Underway

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Jewellery Box - New Project Finally Underway

A couple of months ago I managed to grab a hold of some camphor laurel with some great colours. The hardest bit was working out what material I was going to use to finish the job with. The next task was what to do? I have decided to make another jewellery box and handcraft the whole unit where possible.

I am going to do Dovetail joints and use hide glue. I have not used camphor laurel before so it’s going to be interesting how it finishes.

The lid will be made from the pinkish material as it present more of a challenge, because of its colours.



After cutting the dovetails and gluing and squaring the box it was set aside to dry. I cut the material for the lid. This is where things get a bit tricky if the box is not squar, cutting the lid will be out and not fit correctly. I set the saw table so the blade cuts just deep enough so as not to cut through leaving a very small amount of maretial in place so the lid will not c;lose up on the saw. Using a box cutter to release the lid.


IMG_1475.JPGIMG_1476.JPGLid cut and sits well

 The bottom has been fitted and planed  to ensure a good finish I have used a scraper to ensure all faces are square and readry for sanding.


IMG_1474.JPGLid has been routed and the sides to be scraped removing imperfectionsIMG_1478.JPGthe sides have been scraped sanded and sprayed with metho for resending

After scraping and sanding a good spray of metho to release all the small fibers that stick up after appling a varnish or what ever one uses. Using metho drys out not leaving moisture in the timber.

I this next photo I am going to make a set of feet using the same router form as the lid


IMG_1479.JPGFeet formatIMG_1480.JPGtest pice only

More to come

Hinges and latches to be fitted the the final coat of sealer

I am looking forward to the fininshed product after spraying the metho on the box the colours are looking great.



I have now given the box a coat of Kunos oil The pinks are not standing out as I though they might but happy with enhancment of grain


 IMG_1484.JPGVery impressed with this oil once dry a good buff and it should shine


A  Setback

After applying the final coat of sealer which takes 24 hours to dry, someone who will remain nameless decidec to test the drying time and left finger prints. Now its strip back and start again.


After a short delay and a bit of rework I am now ready to line the box and perhaps fit an extra tray inside the box.

I am impressed with the Kunos oil and the finish. The only issue is the cost factor and that it takes up to 24hr to dry after the first coat










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Community Manager

Re: Jewellery Box - New Project Finally Underway

The timber looks beautiful @r23on. Looking forward to seeing the end result.


The jewellry box with finger jointing that you shared earlier in the year has been very popular with members and visitors to the site. 




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Re: Jewellery Box - New Project Finally Underway

thanks for the feedback Jason it’s good to hear

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