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Assembly and outfeed table

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Assembly and outfeed table

I was trying to sort out the layout for another tool mount for my tool wall but I didn't have enough flat space to lay out all the things I was trying to fit.


What I needed was a nice big flat table that would roll around and would be just the right height to double as an outfeed table for the table saw.


Let's go then!


Base.jpgA nice base/shelf, with some castors.

Clamped.jpgAn upside-down top being clamped up.

The framework of the top is the same size as the base with extra overlap for working space and clamping ability.


The legs are simply two lengths of the same 17mm plywood glued and screwed at right angles then glued & screwed inside the frame of the base.


The top then slips over the legs. They were a good snug fit, so I haven't fixed the top to the legs at all. Maybe I will have to do that later, but I can't think why at the moment.


AssemblyTable.jpgThe finished beast

 Well, completed is probably a better word. It still needs a good sanding and probably a couple of coats of 50/50 linseed oil and turps.


OutfeedTable.jpgDoubles as an outfeed table

It lets me take the flimsy rear tray off my table saw and have a decent size outfeed table.


So, what do you think? Has anyone else made something similar?


Does anyone have any questions?



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My little outfeed table grows up. Oh, and a new cabinet saw!

D'awww! Don't they just grow up so quickly?


It was only a few months ago that my outfeed/assembly table was built but now it has grown up so much.


Well, it has grown up 93 mm to be exact.


20190121-_DSC7800-AssemblyTableLegs.jpgIf you look closely you can actually see the growth spurts from ordinary plywood to scraps of film-faced plywood.


"But Jimmy", I hear you ask, to which I reply, "Just Jim will do".


"Ok, Just Jim, why would you go to all the bother of raising up your assembly table, and why by that very specific 93 mm?"


No, just "Jim", oh never mind. If you recall, I have an Ozito 10" table saw from our Lords and Masters at Bunnings. Now this isn't the worst table saw in the world, but only because Ozito also make this thing!


I could get nothing done with this PoS. Everything was flimsy, nothing was stable. I tried to make a better fence for it. I tried to make a new top for it. I tried to make a basic crosscut sled for it (man, those mitre slots are shonky as!)


Anyway, to make a long story short… I'm sorry, what do you mean, "Too late"? I bit the bullet and look what I found at the January sales at Timbecon! (Not sure if I'm allowed to use that word on here. We'll soon find out.)


Schweeeet, huh? The $300 off covered all my delivery and tailgate drop fees.


Anyhoo, my outfeed table had to grow up to match the level of the Sherwood.


20190121-_DSC7803-AssemblyTableComplete.jpgDon't they look great together? You can hardly even see the leg grafts.


Oh, yeah. I built a crosscut sled for this one in a heartbeat!


Here's some details of the area around the clamp in that photo. It's just a little guide stick so I can get the table situated left to right so as to catch the runners of any sled that's using the mitre slots of the saw, as well as a distance limiter so the saw's fence, which hooks onto that white bar, has clearance to move.


20190121-_DSC7804-AssemblyTableSawJunctionDetail.jpgPositioning guide. Has been glued and brad nailed here. Has since been screwed. I haven't.


20190121-_DSC7806-AssemblyTableRunnerDadoes.jpgI routed out extensions of the saw's mitre slots so that the crosscut sled, or any others, could move forward with the outfeed table in place.


The mitre slot extensions don't have to be very long because by the time the front of the crosscut sled is that far off the cabinet saw table, the sawblade will be coming out of the back of the safety box on the rear of the back fence. Not fun.


Anyhoo! Thanks for reading this far. I'm sorry I was missing in action for 3 months, but I'm all ready to go now.



Stay safe,
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