Spare Room, Come Play Room. Fold out bed and built in Cubby

by Community Manager Jason
4 weeks ago

For the benefit of other community members, @woodalwaysworks goes into more detail about this project at this discussion thread -



by ColR
3 weeks ago

I hadn't realised that the kids cubby house and Murphy bed with kid's activity set when bed attached to wall was one in the same room.  That is a very creative use of an otherwise mostly unused room.


With the grandkids starting to arrive, and two otherwise virtually unused bedrooms in our place I am thinking that the Murphy bed, at least, is a possible project at our place.  I am impressed at the cheap and easy play potential for the little guys.  I would never have come up with such ideas, so I am loving this forum as a place to 'steal' inspiration from.


Keep it up.





by woodalwaysworks
3 weeks ago



Bed when folded down. I chose to mount mine Horizontillaly to give a large play surface when the bed is up. It is more common for these beds to be mounted vertically.