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Top 10 most popular outdoor projects

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Whether it’s a new deck, fire pit, fence makeover or vertical garden, our clever and creative Workshop members are constantly sharing wonderful projects to help transform their outdoor spaces.


The good news is that it doesn’t take a huge budget or professional skills to create something special at your house.


Get inspired by what our Workshop community members have achieved in their great outdoors.


Here’s the Top 10 most popular outdoor projects on Workshop by pageviews:


1. Fence makeover by @KingStreetReno


Courtyard fence makeoverCourtyard fence makeover

Spray painting the fence with the ever-popular Dulux Domino in this Victorian cottage’s courtyard made the space immediately much more appealing and nearby plants look spectacular. 


2. Grape tin vertical herb garden by @Kayla_Rose 


Workshop member Kaylah_Rose made a quick and easy vertical garden for herbs using vintage grape tins and hessian bags. It's proved incredibly popular with Workshop members.


3. Side garden makeover by @shayden06


Narrow areas down the side of a house can be tricky to work with, but this combination of decking and garden beds came up a treat. It’s a practical solution for easy access as well as creating a space for relaxing and enjoying the outdoors.


4. New outdoor entertaining area by @danieltheman


Workshop member Daniel had “never built anything” in his life. But after a fire damaged an old patio, Daniel constructed this stunning deck that has been hugely admired by the community.


Daniel had “never built anything” in his life...Daniel had “never built anything” in his life...

5. D.I.Y. artificial plant wall by @Nikkaz 


Nikkaz had just created a wonderful outdoor entertaining area, but needed to do something with a boring brick wall. He created a striking feature using a mesh panel, some cable ties and Un-real artificial hedging. 


6. First deck from scratch by @Tara86


Tara was justifiably proud of completing their first deck from scratch. Measuring 12 by 4.2 metres, the Merbau deck cost around $6000 to build and has been greatly admired by the community.


7. Raised vegie garden by @bruceprince


Every backyard needs somewhere to grow vegetables. These large and sturdy raised beds constructed with timber sleepers have inspired many. Bunnings has full instructions for building similar garden beds.


8. Pallet cubby house by @Yorky88


Pallet recycling maestro Marty decided to build this fantastic cubby from pallet wood “on a whim” one weekend. He built it without plans, and his creativity has encouraged other Workshop members to share their own wonderful designs.


9Bin storage box by @ponting72

 A fire pit can make a great additionA fire pit can make a great addition

Here’s a wonderful way to ensure rubbish bins are out of sight but still easily accessible. It’s a neat, tidy and attractive solution that could be customised to your needs.


10. Fire pit and bench seat by @Adam_W 


A fire pit can be a great addition to a backyard, and making your own has been a very popular topic on Workshop for years. Fortunately, Adam has shared a full step-by-step guide for creating your own, including a list of tools and materials.



More inspiration for your backyard


The wonderful Workshop community has shared thousands of other amazing projects that you can use as inspiration for your house and garden.


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There's also step-by-step how-to guides for building projects like raised garden beds or retaining walls, or just ask for some help from our knowledgable and ever-helpful members on the Outdoor discussion board.  

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