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Updating the existing bathroom/toilet/laundry

Community Manager Jason
Community Manager

Re: Updating the existing bathroom/toilet/laundry

Awesome work as always @redracer01.  


What are your thoughts @SammyE?




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Re: Updating the existing bathroom/toilet/laundry

i would put the laundry into the cupboard at the top of the image that is currently behind the shower, seal up the door from the hall into the main bath and make that the ensuite remove the bath its not a necessity in an en suite, put a toilet in place of the bath. I would then turn the entire hall laundry and current toilet into one big wet room (assuming non structural walls as if they are load bearing that would get expensive) doing that allows enough room for bath shower toilet vanity etc you should even be able to get a full floor to ceiling height linen cupboard in there to make up for taking away the closet for the new laundry closet (you would need to relocate the bedroom door on the bedroom to the right into that main area also i am not sure what that is and if that would be apropriate)

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Re: Updating the existing bathroom/toilet/laundry

WOW! Awesome work @redracer01 ! Many thanks for taking time. 


I have a couple of questions.

1. I was hoping to seal the second door to the ensuite from hall way as it'll be unnecessary when we have an extra bathroom. Would that change your suggested plan much? I hope you didn't expect to keep both doors?

2. Currently there's a sliding door in the laundary. If we're turning the laundary into a bathroom, that'll have to be sealed too, won't it? Any other suggestions to make the change more affordable?

3. Do you think this set up is more affordable than having the bathrooms back to back leaving the laundary as it is? I mean installing a toilet where the current bath is and build the new bathroom along with the existing toilet?


Big Thanks!

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Re: Updating the existing bathroom/toilet/laundry

Some good ideas here @TayaRoberts ! Thanks!


I also need to close the ensuite door to hallway, and rather than having the L shape ensuite including the current toilet, I prefer to have it in the second toilet.

I personally prefer to have an independent laundary room but I'd go ahead with the most affordable option if converting the laundry is cheaper than having a whole new bathroom in the middle (between launtry and ensuite). In that case, I don't mind having the laundry inside the main bathroom.


Appreciate your opinion.

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