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Replacing an existing shower head

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Replacing an existing shower head

Hi Workshop Community! 

I'm looking at replacing my old shower head with something new! 

Something like this -



20190310_014525601_iOS.jpgShower Picture 1


20190310_014537070_iOS.jpgShower Picture 2



I'm aware that I'll probably have to drill a few holes into the tiles so that the new head fits.

Has anyone got any tips on drilling into 

Community Manager Jason
Community Manager

Re: Replacing an existing shower head

Hi @mattylara027,


Apologies for the slow reply. Many Workshop members enjoyed a long weekend (and hopefully got stuck into lots of new projects!)


I assume you were asking for tips about drilling into tiles?


This Bunnings D.I.Y. Advice page How to Drill into Tiles should have everything you need. I'll also embed the video below. 


Let us know how you go or if anything is unclear. 





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Re: Replacing an existing shower head

What equipment have you got at your disposal at the moment @mattylara027?


Also, check out some of the black tapware available now. Can look fantastic against white tiles. Eg



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Re: Replacing an existing shower head

I strongly suggest this water cooled drill bit. I use it often to drill into discarded ceramic coffee cups that my sister inlaw turns into mini flower pots. Prevents over heating and cracking of tiles.

Screenshot_2019-03-14 QEP 6mm Diamond Tile Drill Bit.pngcomes in different diameters so choose wisely.

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