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My laundry reno

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Re: My laundry reno


My pleasure @ProjectPete - praise where praise is due in my book.  As I mentioned in a previous post I always had Pop, my dearest and favorite man in the entire world to be able to talk projects over with, pick his brains, ideas, but most of all support and encouragement but sadly he passed away almost a year ago and I lost the person who was there for me in my confusion and indecision or possibly procrastination.  But I found this site, and have found great strength and encouragement in reading comments, ideas and step to step posts such as YOURS @ProjectPete  @Jason  @2Belindas @gippslandhome  @redracer01  and many others like yourself, who have not only made, but taken the time to help us, so called learners and a lot of us  are Women as we don't always have role models to learn from and can't afford to pay trades people to do the work for us. So many of us just have to learn how to do things our selves or get ripped off looking for someone cheaper, who as the saying goes, we pay peanuts get monkey's which I've done in the past!

It has meant a great deal when someone such as yourself takes/makes time to help /teach us laymen in my case laywomen  how to lay tiles, install a cabinet or worktop.and to me it means so very much to have this site and the folks who use it.


Yes I know I can watch Youtube clips till I use up all my credit, but it's not the same as knowing, your real people who reply most of the time, the products can be purchased from a reputable business, such as Bunnings, HERE in Australia, and in my case just up the road, and if I need to return it because I purchase the wrong item I can. And I do!

Sometimes I even find a Bunnings staff member such as JOHN, an awesome fellow who works at my local DUBBO store and without him and his advice at times I would be up the SHIP Creek as many of us have been.


I have always liked to thank people who have helped me in any way shape or form as at times, I am to proud to ask for help, and I've been told far too many times I am too god dam independent for my own good.


So thank you once again folks..

Yes I've waffled again, sorry..

Old Gal


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Re: My laundry reno

Awesome work, Pete,

I totally agree with you with respect to using an angle grinder vs the tile cutter.

Being able to cut to a line, with an angle grinder, made with a fine Sharpie pen, is a skill that every DIYer worthy of the name should have.

However, beginners should start with a 4" (100mm) grinder and a 2mm thick cut-off disc, these are easy enough to control with one hand.


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