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Master Bathroom - layout help!

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Master Bathroom - layout help!

Hi everyone,


I am trying to get my master bathroom layout right and am having some difficulty due to the shape. I have had to put in a Euro laundry in the space (access from outside the bathroom in the hallway).


Below is version 6 of my plan. To let in natural light we will need to insert a vertical window on the back wall (can't do horizontal due to extra build work required).


We absolutely need a bath in addition to a separate shower (we don't like bath over shower).


Any suggestions appreciated!



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Re: Master Bathroom - layout help!

What if you swap the position of the bath and the basin? Then bring the bath right into the corner of the room next to the door and have the door open into the room but hinged on the left hand side.

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Re: Master Bathroom - layout help!

Thanks for your suggestion @stupidfish. I had a version of the design that had the bathroom in that position, but it wasn't up against the wall.


Now that I've tweaked the design, everything seems to fit! Including a walk-in shower


Bathroom v2.JPG

Bathroom FINAL.JPG

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Re: Master Bathroom - layout help!

These designs look great! What tool do you use?

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Re: Master Bathroom - layout help!

It's looking fantastic... although I'm not liking the timber on the walk-in shower. That needs to go!

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