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Can you paint a bath?

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Can you paint a bath?

We've got a pink bath in our place and I hate it. We've had people say you can get a bath re-enamelled but I wondered whether you could DIY. Could I paint it myself? With what? How would I stop it chipping off? Thanks, Luke



Here's a pic




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Re: Can you paint a bath?

Welcome to Workshop @LukeBrowning.


This is a D.I.Y. project you might like to tackle. The following video should have all the information you need.


Hopefully other members of the Workshop community might also like to share their thoughts and advice. 




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Re: Can you paint a bath?

Hey @LukeBrowning, i've never attempted to paint a bath myself but i've seen and heard some good reports. In a previous place I rented you could tell the bath had been repainted as there were some minor chips and the original green underneath was exposed. The entire house had had a makeover and you could tell it was done on the cheap so i'm assuming the effort put in probably wasn't at its highest. I wouldn't discount painting a bath as an option but i'd definitely take the time to do it right and ensure the correct coating is applied. Great way to really enhance the appearance of a bathroom!

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Re: Can you paint a bath?

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