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Bathtub needs replacing?

Budding Contributor

Bathtub needs replacing?

Hi Workshop,


Looking for some advice over a bathtub that's developed some cracks (i think) over some time.


20190310_014621309_iOS.jpgBathtub overall


20190310_014629583_iOS.jpgBathtub Bottom


20190310_014635555_iOS.jpgBathtub Close Up

Is it possible to seal the cracks up somehow? Or do i need to redo the whole bathtub?

I've run water over it a few times, and it seems to just flow right over it, but honestly, not too sure.


Any help would be great here

Thanks Workshop Community!

Community Manager Jason
Community Manager

Re: Bathtub needs replacing?

Hi again @mattylara027,


Any evidence of water damage in the bathroom? Are you able to get under the bath to have a look?


Let me tag the likes of @LePallet@MitchellM, and @redracer01 who might have some suggestions for you. 


The Bunnings D.I.Y. Advice on How to Waterproof a Bathtub might also come in handy if its necessary. 






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Re: Bathtub needs replacing?

Hi @Jason ,


No water damage that i can see externally. 

I can't get underneath the bathtub without actually taking it out... so don't want to do that just yet if i don't need to.






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