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Another bathroom reno done and dusted

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Another bathroom reno done and dusted

Just thought I'd share some work I've just completed for a customer. Total of 21 hours work over 3 days (allowing for drying times, etc). As always, happy to answer questions and explain how I did things for those interested.


Guest bathroom

This was the business end of the job with a complete refresh of wall tiling, a new vanity, updated tapware throughout and a new glass panel. My customer wanted to remove the bath and while I was keen on the job, I advised against it from a practicality and resale value perspective - it's the only bath in the house. Whilst it doesn't get used as a bath at the moment, future owners with babies/kids would really benefit from the bath and given the house is smaller and on the lower end of the price range, I'd expect a new/small family to be the next owners.


All that's really left now is for the new roller blinds ot be installed and for my customer to give it a fresh paint, ideally white or a light grey and it'll be spot on 



before1.jpg before2.jpg before3.jpg


vanity.jpg  grout.jpg


after1.jpg  after2.jpg



Quick and easy job this one but certainly a big improvement. I'll end up doing the shower in her too - it's just a case of budget at the moment.

20181115_150705.jpg 20181118_163215.jpg


Would love to hear your thoughts

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Re: Another bathroom reno done and dusted

Great job @ProjectPete. Tough decision on the bath but personally I would have removed it. It's just dangerous and impractical to step in and out of a bath each day to take a shower. Babies can always be bathed in a portable baby bath, then move onto a shower when they're toddlers. 

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Re: Another bathroom reno done and dusted

Yeah fair enough @MartyH - pros and cons. I do agree with the point you've made and it was considered. And I'm gald you said something to create a bit of discussion 


In the end, I combined my experience of having twin girls and how much a) easier it is to bathe them than shower them, and b) how much they love having a bath, with advice from a real estate agent friend of mine (re resale value) to make the recommendation. I didn't force the customer this way, just gave them something to think about and they were happy with it.

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