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Affordable laundry makeover

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Affordable laundry makeover

This design was made for a simple laundry make over. With just a little bit of effort you can get away from that fixed steel laundry box look of the 70's and 80's. A few flat pack cabinets and an affordable timber top make for an ideal look that makes any laundry look shmick! If your gonna make the effort don't settle!


laundry set.pngCheck out that tawny green splash back!

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Re: Affordable laundry makeover

Nice. I did a mini-makeover on our laundry by adding a timber benchtop with a cutout over the tub--have yet to post the story. We're still debating how to add extra storage along with the clothes dryer.

BTW, I like your use of Sketchup; I've tried to use it but get frustrated--need to spend more time learning how to use it.
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Re: Affordable laundry makeover

Thanks again for sharing this project @redracer01. Great work!


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Re: Affordable laundry makeover

Not sure where you're up to in that debate @pete_brig oor what your layout is like but this is my inspo for my new laundry. Ample storage and efficient use of space.Screenshot_20181018-210639_Instagram.jpg


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